Package org.mmbase.util

Interface Summary
Casting.Unwrappable Clases implementing this will not be wrapped by Casting.wrap(java.lang.Object, org.mmbase.util.transformers.CharTransformer), even if the e.g.
CloseableIterator<E> An iterator which may need closing (e.g.
CompareInterface Deprecated. This is the same as java.util.Comparator
PasswordGeneratorInterface Deprecated. no real need for an interface as there is only one implementation
PublicCloneable<C> The java interface Cloneable has no public methods.
SizeMeasurable The SizeOf class tries to determine the size of memory structures.
Sortable Deprecated. I think this is the same as java.util.Comparable

Class Summary
BijectiveMap<K,V> A map representing a 1-1 bijective relation between 2 sets of values.
BridgeCaster Plugged into Casting to supply some extra casting based on the availability of an MMBase Bridge.
BuilderList Gives an xml-representation of a dir structure with builders Used by the build script to create documentation for builders.
Casting Collects MMBase specific 'cast' information, as static to...
Casting.StringSerializableInputStream A SerializableInputStream where the toString represents the (escaped) contents of the stream itself.
Casting.StringWrapper Wraps a String with an 'Escaper'.
ChainedComparator<E> Straight forward utility to chain several comparators into a new one.
ChainedIterator<E> Like org.apache.commons.collections.iterators.IteratorChain, to avoid the dependency....
ChainedList<E> Simple utility to chain several lists into a new one.
ChainedWriter Like unix' 'tee'.
CommandServer Java command server.
CSVReader Reads Comma Separated Values (CSV).
DateFormats Utility function to create DateFormat instances.
DateFormats.DayOfWeekDateFormat There is no DateFormat which can return the day of the week as a number available in java.text package.
DateStrings Deprecated. FIX dutch days
DateSupport Deprecated. use Calendar and java.util.DateFormat
DijkstraSemaphore Also called counting semaphores, Dijkstra semaphores are used to control access to a set of resources.
DirectoryLister Directories contains methods for retrieving all file entries starting from a given path.
DynamicDate A DynamicDate is a Date object that has no fixed value, like 'now'.
Encode Class to convert from/to a string (byte[]) from/to a encoded string (byte[]) Supported encodings are at this moment: BASE64 HEX ESCAPE_XML ESCAPE_HTML ESCAPE_HTML_ATTRIBUTE ESCAPE_WML ESCAPE_WML_ATTRIBUTE ESCAPE_URL ESCAPE_URL_PARAM ESCAPE_SINGLE_QUOTE A list of supported encodings can be gotten by java org.mmbase.util.Encode, and you add your own encodings by calling the static function 'register' of this class.
EncodingDetectingOutputStreamWriter Like OutputStreamWriter but it tries to autodetect the encoding of the OutputStream.
Entry<K,V> Represents a pair of values ('key' and a 'value').
ErrorStruct Class for storing error information useful in parsing.
Escape Deprecated. Use org.mmbase.util.Encode
Execute Deprecated. Use CommandExecutor
ExprCalc Class to calculate expressions.
ExtendedProperties This is a flexible Properties version, it can handle saving of Properties with the comments that will stay in your file.
filebuffer Class filebuffer.
FileCompare Class to compare two Files on their modification time, used by SortedVector.
fileInfo Object for storing file information.
FileWatcher Original javadoc.
FileWatcher.FileWatcherRunner The one thread to handle all FileWatchers.
GenericResponseWrapper Wrapper around the response.
HashCodeUtil Hash Collections (HashSet, HashMap, Hashtable, etc) are typically implemented with an array of buckets.
HTMLElement Class which is the super-class for ALL the HTMLElements.
HTMLElementCheckBox Generates a HTML Element: INPUT CHECKBOX.
HTMLElementPassword Generates a HTML Element: INPUT PASSWORD.
HTMLElementRadio Generates a HTML Element: INPUT RADIO.
HTMLElementSelect Generates a HTML Element: SELECT.
HTMLElementText Generates a HTML Element: INPUT TEXT.
HTMLElementTextArea Generates a HTML Element: TEXTAREA.
HTMLFormGenerator Generates from the MACRO Strings a HTML FORM.
HttpAuth Deprecated. should be done by implementing and using the MMBase security Authorization
HttpPost HttpPost handles all the PostInformation
IECompatibleJpegInputStream IECompatibleJpegInputStream removes additional information left by PhotoShop 7 in jpegs , this information may crash Internet Exploder.
IntegerCompare Deprecated. Should implement java.util.Comparator, or should not exist, because this is java.lang.Integer's 'natural' order.
IOUtil Various utils to consisely and efficiently deal with streams
LinkMap<K,V> Combines to Maps to one new map.
LocaleCollator This class wraps a Collator and associates it with a Locale.
LocaleLocalizedString This LocalizedString also has a method LocaleLocalizedString.setLocale(java.util.Locale) which defines its own default locale for LocaleLocalizedString.get(Locale) in case it is called as get(null).
LocalHttpServletRequest This class (and LocalHttpServletResponse, and super classes) can be used to do requests on the current MMBase without having an actual client, which can be useful in cronjobs or so.
LocalizedEntryListFactory<C> These factories can produce Collections based on a Locale (The LocalizedEntryListFactory.get(java.util.Locale) method is essential).
LocalizedString A String which is localized.
LRUHashtable<K,V> Deprecated. use org.mmbase.cache.implementation.LRUCache
MagickClient Just to test the command server
Mail This mail-object gives persons the functionality to create mail and send it with the SendMail-module.
MimeType Representation of a 'mimetype' (or Internet media type).
MultiColCompare MultiColCompare compares two Vectors on a given list of column numbers
MultiPartFormOutputStream MultiPartFormOutputStream is used to write "multipart/form-data" to a for POSTing.
MyServletOutputStream Implements ServletOutputStream.
NodeComparator This class implements the Comparator interface for comparing MMObjectNodes.
NodeURLStreamHandlerFactory.NodeURLStreamHandler URLStreamHandler for NodeConnections.
NullInputStream An input stream only producing zeros.
PageInfo The PageInfo is a container class.
PasswordGenerator Module for the automatic generation of passwords.
Queue Deprecated. Use, or some other Queue implementation.
QueueElement Element in a Queue.
RandomInputStream An input stream only producing random bytes.
RandomPlus Better random function (see Knuth)
RandomPool Class for holding a pool of random numbers.
RandomThings Class for doing random things.
ReaderInputStream Oddly enough, Java does not provide this itself.
ReadonlyLocalizedString Extends and wraps LocalizedString, to make it readonly
RelativeTime This util class contains several methods and constants to manipulate relative time values.
ReplacingLocalizedString Extends and wraps LocalizedString.
ResourceLoader MMBase resource loader, for loading config-files and those kind of things.
ResourceLoader.PathURLStreamHandler Extension URLStreamHandler, used for the 'sub' Handlers, entries of 'roots' in ResourceLoader are of this type.
ResourceLoader.ServletResourceURLStreamHandler URLStreamHandler based on the servletContext object of ResourceLoader
ResourceWatcher Like FileWatcher but for Resources.
ReverseComparator The comparator which sorts Comparable on the inverse natural order.
RFC1123 Class with support for creation of date strings in GMT format.
scanpage The scanpage is a container class.
SerializableInputStream Sometimes you need an InputStream to be Serializable.
SizeOf Implementation of 'sizeof'.
SortableCompare Deprecated. Use java.util.Comparator
SortedBundle A bit like ResourceBundle (on which it is based), but it creates SortedMap's.
SortedBundle.ValueWrapper You can specify ValueWrapper.class as a value for the wrapper argument.
SortedVector Deprecated. You can use java.util.SortedSet (implementations of that), or Collections.sort(), if duplicate entries are essential (but how should they be sorted then?)
SPartFileFilter Support utility for MMObjectBuilder.getSMartPath This filter filters files with the specified number in its name.
StringBufferWriter Oddly enough, Java does not provide this itself.
StringBuilderWriter Oddly enough, Java does not provide this itself.
StringCompare Deprecated. Should implement java.util.Comparator, or should not exist, because this is java.lang.String's 'natural' order.
StringObject This Class is a growable buffer for characters.
StringSplitter Utility class for splitting delimited values.
StringTagger StringTagger, Creates a object with tags and fields from a String.
Strip Class to strip characters from the beginning and end of strings.
ThreadPools Generic MMBase Thread Pools
UriParser For an important part stolen from jakarta vfs (only one function).
URLEscape Deprecated. use Encode
URLParamEscape Deprecated. use Encode
WrappedLocalizedString Extends and wraps LocalizedString.
WriterOutputStream Oddly enough, Java does not provide this itself.
XFile Deprecated. What's wrong with itself? The only difference is that lastmodified gives last-modified not of file now, but of file when this object was created.
XFileCompare Class to compare XFile object depending on their comparefield.
XMLBasicReader Deprecated. use DocumentReader or DocumentWriter.
XMLCheckErrorHandler Provides ErrorHandler methods for checking xml files by Config module
XMLEntityResolver Deprecated. Use EntityResolver
XMLErrorHandler Deprecated. Use ErrorHandler
XMLMMLanguageReader Deprecated. not used anywhere
XSLTransformer Make XSL Transformations

Enum Summary
LinkMap.Changes Enum for the parameter of the constructor LinkMap.LinkMap(Map, Map, Changes)
LocaleCollator.Decomposition An enum wrapping the 'decompositon' related constants of Collator.
LocaleCollator.Strength An enum wrapping the 'strength' related constants of Collator.
ResourceLoader.Type The available ResourceLoaders wrapped into an enum, which makes them available dynamicly (with ResourceLoader.Type.valueOf(string).get())

Exception Summary
AuthorizationException Deprecated. only used by HttpAuth.
NotLoggedInException Deprecated. only used by HttpAuth.
PageCRCException This exception gets thrown when a Cyclic Redundancy Check fails.
PostValueToLargeException This exception will occur if the getPostParameterByte method is used While the arraylength is larger than the maximum size allowed

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