Package org.mmbase.util.xml

Class Summary
AbstractBuilderReader<F extends Field> Abstraction of BuilderReader with no dependencies on core classes.
BuilderReader Used to parse and retrieve data from a builder configuration file.
BuilderWriter Class for creating builder configuration documents.
DocumentReader The DocumentReader class provides methods for loading a xml document in memory.
DocumentSerializable Wraps an Document to be certainly serializable (and cloneable).
DocumentWriter Abstract class for creating xml documents.
EntityResolver Take the systemId and converts it into a local file, using the MMBase config path This is used for resolving DTD's and XSD's, but also e.g.
EntityResolver.Resource Container for dtd resources information
ErrorHandler Provides ErrorHandler methods
Instantiator Utilities to use an XML to instantiate Java objects, using reflection.
ParentBuilderReader This version of AbstractBuilderReader implements every method besides a ParentBuilderReader.getNodeManagerDescription(String).
URIResolver This URIResolver can be used to resolve URI's, also in TransformerFactory's.
URIResolver.Entry Objects of this type connect a prefix (must normally end in :) with a File (which must be a Directory).
URIResolver.EntryList This is a list of prefix/directory pairs which is used in the constructor of URIResolver.
UtilReader This class reads configuration files for utilities, that are placed in /config/utils/.
UtilReader.PropertiesMap<E> A unmodifiable Map, with extra 'Properties'-like methods.
XMLWriter Util class to serialize xml (wrapper around javax.xml.transform.Transformer)

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