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Breaktrough at Component Framework coding weekend
13 October 2006 12:00
Johannes Verelst reports a breakthrough at 5 p.m. on Saturday.
After a few "simple tests", at 5 pm the first "more complex" component, an e-card functionality, works properly on newly build framework architecture. Reason enough to open a bottle of champagne. At the picture you see Nico Klasens, André van Toly, Johannes Verelst (all standing), Michiel Meeuwissen and Henk Hangyi at the office of the MMBase Foundation. Due to other obligations Arjen Roodselaar had just left the office. Jo Lahaye spend his time in making sandwiches, pouring coffee and other drinks, to make sure everyone was comfortable.
The coding weekend endend Saturday evening at 11 pm, after a good meal in a nearby restaurant. Everyone left with the feeling the progress made is very stimulating. And of course the start of the weekend was -although on Friday the 13th- exciting as well: Kennisnet surpised us with a very special whipped cream cake. After a short night (people worked till far after midnight on friday), everyone was steaming up again around 10.30 a.m on Saturday.
For technical information on this project please see the project-pages.
In brief, the idea is that if we want to share components on top of MMBase, we need a framework that makes it easy to develop components in a structured way. At this moment, many large applications have their own poll, forum, e-card, webshop, but most of these functionalities are application-specific. For that reason, it was not very easy to (for example) use the webshop of Natuurmonumenten in another MMBase implementation.
Several Organizations allready said that they are willing to invest time (and money) to make their functionalities "framework compatible", so many features will be available on short notice. By the way, existing applications don't have to be seriously refactured to start using the framework. More information will be available soon.
Niko, André, Johannes (standing), Michiel and Henk (sitting)
Niko, André, Johannes (standing), Michiel and Henk (sitting)
Half a cake
Half a cake
How to keep the spirit up at 00:30h ?
How to keep the spirit up at 00:30h ?

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