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  • [MMB-35] - Cannot obtain servletpath for audio or video
  • [MMB-246] - utf8/mysql/search constraints.
  • [MMB-397] - DefaultJumper does not work together with other servlet-mappings
  • [MMB-584] - MultiPool.getFree can fail.
  • [MMB-894] - mm:time does not work well with Date objects
  • [MMB-921] - mm:formatter does not consider <?xml encoding header of its body.
  • [MMB-976] - Informix does not count resultsets in a good way
  • [MMB-982] - [email] cannot parse empty <multipart /> tag
  • [MMB-1045] - list.jsp hard on database
  • [MMB-1046] - html cleanup in editwizards ruins local links
  • [MMB-1052] - mm:list gives strange result with nodes of different types
  • [MMB-1248] - Editwizards list break when trying to render eventtime field
  • [MMB-1336] - the 'key' attribute of the 'type' element in the builder configuration does not work
  • [MMB-1341] - application deploy messages in admin interface are incorrect
  • [MMB-1592] - TagStripperFactory gives error while trying to connect to window server
  • [MMB-1603] - NPE during shutdown.
  • [MMB-1659] - Maven issues.
  • [MMB-1718] - Mysql, if field unique and longer than 255, table cannot be created.
  • [MMB-1964] - FileServlet does not implement content range

Doc Bug

  • [MMB-1080] - ftype="checkbox" not documented


  • [MMB-64] - in a searchlist more items can be selected then 'maxoccurs'
  • [MMB-526] - CVSReader
  • [MMB-1048] - Be able to set tmp dir in config
  • [MMB-1082] - Unexpected results from getList when specifying startNodes=-1
  • [MMB-1880] - Container issue for language typo fixes


  • [MMB-1446] - I think code of mmbase-module maven plugin must be available in mmbase repository itself.
  • [MMB-1605] - Implement the CMSc framework (nickname the component portlet)

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