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  • [MMB-1128] - After creating typerel and objects, on one machine, on another machine queries dont' work properly any more.
  • [MMB-1224] - Adding a field to a builder doesn't check for case but it is important
  • [MMB-1903] - URL tag generates wrong urls for 'internal' links
  • [MMB-1904] - mm:link absolute=true may result in incomplete urls
  • [MMB-1907] - Overriding a builder field adds the field instead of replacing it
  • [MMB-1912] - ${HOST} is not properly replaced any more in the 'machinename' property of mmbaseroot.xml.
  • [MMB-1915] - Connection check code does not always work correctly.
  • [MMB-1918] - defaultcontext is not required, but causes errors when it has no value
  • [MMB-1921] - If no changed made to a BasicNode of a BasicCloud, nor is it committed or canceled, then in finalize cancel is called on the original MMObjectNode anyway.
  • [MMB-1923] - If the path of a jar constains +-signs, resources are not correctly loaded from it.
  • [MMB-1927] - If max- or min-lenght restrictions are cloned, their enforceStrength is reset to 'onchange'.
  • [MMB-1928] - 'check' datatype not working properly
  • [MMB-1937] - A twice related node gets twice unrelated when unrelating in mm-sr:relate
  • [MMB-1938] - editwizard confifguration may not be read
  • [MMB-1939] - Drop-downs for restricted integer types not working properly


  • [MMB-1874] - videostreamsourcescaches and videostreamsources should have a second codec field for audio
  • [MMB-1878] - Need an option to retranscode just one of the attached streamsourcescaches
  • [MMB-1933] - option for the mm-sr:relate tag to not inmediatly relate or unrelate nodes
  • [MMB-1935] - MagicFile does not properly recognize .swf's.
  • [MMB-1942] - Transcoders have a limit number of parameters
  • [MMB-1946] - Type of jspvar of mm:listnodescontainer and mm:relatednodescontainer can be NodeQuery, rather than Query.
  • [MMB-1947] - MagicFile could better recognize XML-like files.
  • [MMB-1948] - Reduce memory footprint of collections and cached xmlfragements

New Feature

  • [MMB-1822] - Node#setNodeManager(NodeManager).
  • [MMB-1910] - MimeType validation of binaries.
  • [MMB-1911] - wish: a way to configure an extra data directory
  • [MMB-1919] - Empty composite constraint could work without exception too.
  • [MMB-1920] - mm:datatype id attribute can be an rtexpr.
  • [MMB-1924] - i18n of
  • [MMB-1926] - captcha datatype.
  • [MMB-1929] - Check always/must be true datatype.
  • [MMB-1930] - A way to plugin default values on datatypes. Without having to override the entire datatype.
  • [MMB-1931] - Processors which get/set values from users cookies.
  • [MMB-1932] - It would be usefull if you can also mention already existing node numbers (or aliases) in an application xml.
  • [MMB-1940] - jump function on jumpers builder should support reload parameter.
  • [MMB-1941] - Transaction events.
  • [MMB-1943] - Alternative implemetnation of 'searcher'.
  • [MMB-1944] - System events
  • [MMB-1945] - Include somehow the datatype's class in the style class of mm:fieldinfo type=input.

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