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  • [MMB-1131] - Popupwizard doesn't close on Mac OS X Safari
  • [MMB-1189] - list.jsp: search by "number is" give strange effect with non-numeric values.
  • [MMB-1215] - Required htmlarea's don't set properly.
  • [MMB-1415] - IECompatibleJpegInputStream threads hangs
  • [MMB-1458] - filename in URL may contain invalid chars.
  • [MMB-1530] - A field with e.g. the datatype created is seen as an editable field, that's not allways wanted
  • [MMB-1630] - 'Download' links cause annoying unused browser windows.
  • [MMB-1696] - module properties not correctly reported in admin pages.
  • [MMB-1701] - mm constraint value2 does not support things like value2="today + ${months} month". It does work in value(1)
  • [MMB-1703] - Email 'expires' queries only work with LONG fields
  • [MMB-1704] - BCC is sent as CC
  • [MMB-1706] - quoted must be escaped
  • [MMB-1711] - Cannot set field values of integer by 'java constant'.
  • [MMB-1712] - Illegal syntax used in several jsp, a.o. the 'basic' editors.
  • [MMB-1713] - Bridge transaction always commits nodes even when not changed
  • [MMB-1719] - behaviour of <mm:composite .... />
  • [MMB-1725] - Specifying unknown format may result in garbage in startup dir.
  • [MMB-1727] - Installing reldefs also considers dname while this remains completely unused.
  • [MMB-1730] - reuse of sub context results in stack-overflow exceptions
  • [MMB-1742] - mm:listrelationscontainer misses some attributes.
  • [MMB-1743] - Stacktrace in on Vista system
  • [MMB-1746] - DAtabaseStorageManager.isNull should use checkStoreFieldAsFile(()
  • [MMB-1755] - Add always the searchtype attribute when objects are created/loaded
  • [MMB-1765] - LocaleTag does not revert the jstl locale situation.
  • [MMB-1766] - Attribute value "bla bla" is quoted with " which must be escaped when used within the value
  • [MMB-1773] - 'time' field presented as datetime.
  • [MMB-1774] - duration datatype not working properly in editwizards
  • [MMB-1784] - Media application does not use ResourceLoader
  • [MMB-1788] - GUI value for mailstatus shows mailtype instead (1.8 only)
  • [MMB-1790] - Cannot edit relation if it has 'postprocessors'.
  • [MMB-1795] - The 'html' datatype does not make much sense.
  • [MMB-1801] - If you store 'context's in the session, you get warnings in the log: found a pagecontext container for a different request...... Repairing
  • [MMB-1825] - System field Owner is always enforced at validation, because it is required.
  • [MMB-1884] - Do not translate the phone numbers to a Skype button in the editwizards.
  • [MMB-1899] - Gif images do not crop right with ImageMagickConverter


  • [MMB-1618] - when Spacereducer is used as post processor, it should not remove the empty lines when they are inside the body of certain tags
  • [MMB-1737] - lastmodified, lastmodifier always set themselved on commit of node, even if no other fields were changed.
  • [MMB-1745] - support larger binaries than 16m in mysql
  • [MMB-1778] - jdbc.xml should not be in the mmbase.jar
  • [MMB-1886] - Add French localizations
  • [MMB-1891] - javax.servlet, w3.dom classes and interfaces should not appear in the client jar.

New Feature

  • [MMB-1687] - 'one per cluster' cronjob type.
  • [MMB-1699] - ApplicationContext reader method which does not thrown an exception.
  • [MMB-1707] - query enumeration on other than NODE fields.
  • [MMB-1708] - 'inverse' attribute is missing on mm:compositeconstraint
  • [MMB-1724] - make the 'verify' call in the DatabaseStorageManager optional
  • [MMB-1739] - A way to influence which of the resources is loaded, if it is present in multiple jars.
  • [MMB-1749] - Possiblity to use different builder to store users in.
  • [MMB-1750] - disposition attribute on mm:image
  • [MMB-1797] - Make it optionally required to link servers to cronjob objects.


  • [MMB-1716] - Gui names of datatypes are present, but cannot be configured.


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