<mm:cloudinfo> The nodeinfo tag can be used inside a CloudProvider tag, to get certain information about the cloud. (since: MMBase-1.8)
see alsohasrank
  • type
    nameThe name of the cloud (Usually just `mmbase')
    userThe identifier of the user of this cloud. You can show who is logged in by this.
    rankThe rank of the user of this cloud, as a String
    rankintThe rank of the user of this cloud, as an Integer
    mmbaseversionThe version of the current instance of MMBase to which this cloud refers.
writer attributes
cloudreferrer attributes
contextwriter attributes
contextreferrer attributes
example 1
      You are <mm:cloudinfo type="user" /> (<mm:cloudinfo type="rank" />)
      <mm:hasrank value="administrator">
        You are administrator !!
      <mm:hasrank minvalue="administrator" inverse="true">
        You are not administrator!
        Cloud: <mm:cloudinfo type="name" />