<mm:form> A form tag collects validation from mm:fieldinto type="check" and mm:fieldinfo type="errors". The mm:valid can be used to report the cumulative error state. (since: MMBase-1.8)
see alsofieldinfo | valid
  • mode
    urlProduces an URL for an HTML form only (available in the body), and (reuses) an MMBase transaction. Only explicit commit/cancel
    form Produces an HTML form, and (reuses) an MMBase transaction. Only explicit commit/cancel (with mm:commit, mm:cancel, or 'commitonclose'). This value is the default
    validateDoes nothing, besides communicating with mm:fieldinfo's and mm:valid's. Does not produce any content. Implicitely cancels the transaction if not committed.
    transaction Does not produce any content. Besides communicating with children fieldinfo's and valid's ehaves like mm:transaction. Only difference is that on default it does not commit on close.
  • page
    to use in action attribute of produced form.
    see: page attribute of url
  • styleClass (since: MMBase-1.8.1)
    If form-tag is produced, you may want to have it a class-attribute too. By the way, it always has an mm_form class.
    see: styleClass attribute of image
  • absolute (since: MMBase-1.9)
    see: absolute attribute of url
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