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1. Introduction
2. Docbook
3. Docbook editors

This document will describe in what way MMBase is documented, and how you can contribute to updating or adding to the MMBase documentation. But first have a look at the overview of available MMBase documentation and how it is organized. The documentation is mainly written for different target groups. Documents of one target group may be important for other target groups as well. For instance, backend and frontend developers will have also have to be familiar with the documents on builders and applications.

There are several sources of documentation and information available. First there is the MMBase website (www.mmbase.org), which does supply knowledge and examples. The examples and HTML documentation which are shipped with an MMBase distro are available in the MMBase CVS source repository. The examples pages are in the html/mmexamples module, so new examples must be added there.

Formal documentation is available in the `docbook' XML format in the `documentation' modules of the CVS repository.

Some older documentation, which was not yet converted or rewritten to the docbook format is available in html/mmdocs of CVS.

Documentation is set up in articles. An article needs an articleinfo object that describes the content. Article info should contain :

Use section, do not use sect1, sect2... And, if possible, use CDATA sections in your <programlisting>. This makes it easier to read when editing. CDATA sections look like this:

<programlisting format="linespecific"><![CDATA[

	<sample code>


Although it is only a minor issue: the documentation preferably is written in U.S. English.

Several docbook-editors are available. A number of editors used by the MMbase documentation team:

  • XXE

    A Java tool that allows you to edit xml files (only), specifically docbook xmls. It provides ways to associate a stylesheet with a xml so it can render a pleasing presentation of the docbook while you edit it.

    With version 2.2 XXE solved the problems with handling or allowing edit of CDATA sections. XXE 2.2 generates nice formatted xml, which makes the results easy to read in other editors. XXE is able to convert XML files to html, RTF, Postcript and PDF. For non/semi-technical users XXE is found to be a very good choice to edit docbook documents!

    see: http://www.xmlmind.com/xmleditor/

This is part of the MMBase documentation.

For questions and remarks about this documentation mail to: documentation@mmbase.org